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How to choose the right gift for the right person

We give gifts all year round, to those we love by celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, holidays. The New Year or Christmas holidays are a universal, recognized, and most massive occasion for gifts. Then, there are personal holidays such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, visits to the newborn baby. Graduation, graduation, and doctorate are also events that can be marked by gifts. Whatever the occasion, giving is a social ritual that requires careful thought and consideration. There are a number of rules to follow.

  1. The gift must be appropriate to the person, occasion and situation. Make a distinction between a business and a private gift. A very personal gift given to a business partner can lead to an embarrassing situation.
  2. Never send gifts to close people by mail or through an intermediary, but deliver them in person. If you are giving gifts to business partners, it is appropriate to send a gift by delivery according to etiquette.
  3. Always give a gift packed with flavor
  4. When you receive a gift, open it immediately and give thanks for it
  5. Have a measure – don’t give too expensive gifts because they always send the wrong message.
  6. Never react violently to gifts, whether you like them or not. A moderate reaction in both cases is a much better solution.
  7. If you give gifts to people you love, listen carefully when they tell you about something they like. So, “between the lines”, you will read what would make them happy.
  8. Neutral are gifts of chocolate, flowers, drinks.
  9. When giving flowers, be sure to remove the cellophane. Another useful tip: always buy an odd number of flowers (1, 3, 5). Many do not know, but even-numbered flowers are worn more roughly.
  10. If you are giving a drink, ask about the taste of the person to whom it is being given. Quality wine and spirits are good choices if you are invited to lunch or dinner with a friend or relative.
  11. The book is given as a gift to people with whom we have a special relationship. A well-chosen book is worth more than various little things. When donating a book, be sure to write a dedication. If you are not sure if the person you are donating to the book has it, wrap it without dedication, and when you find out that the gift is ‘hit’ in the book, be sure to write nice words, date, and don’t forget the signature.

Giving is generally seen as a process initiated by an event. It requires certain financial costs but with certain expectations of outcomes. The process begins with a stimulus, that is, on a special occasion such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Societies define, even invent, the different occasions in which giving is expected. In the context of giving, it is still important to mention the difference between men and women when buying gifts. It is much more likely that men will rely on the advice of the seller when choosing a gift, while women seek more information when deciding on a gift.

Women tend to take more time to choose gifts and compare alternatives. In contrast, men have no patience and usually use the help of a salesperson. Experienced gift traders know this well so they give women a long time to browse the store before offering their help. When it comes to men, an experienced salesperson will offer their help right at the entrance to the store.

There is another difference between women and men when buying gifts. When it comes to gifts for Valentine’s Day, men are usually the ones who give gifts while women receive more gifts. While with Christmas gifts women are much more involved than men. This is probably because men generally don’t like shopping. The exception is Valentine’s Day.

How to choose the right gift for a person?

The biggest mistake is actually buying a gift for someone else while choosing according to your own taste. The perfect gift can lift your spirits or improve your relationship. It can correct an injustice or simply remind a loved one that you care. Keep in mind that each of us has our own taste, and buying gifts according to your preferences may not make a person as happy as you want them to be. For example, if your sweetheart does not like to wear bracelets but is softened when she sees a cosmetic package, it is clear to you what you need to pay attention to.

The full meaning of giving is mutual pleasure, and when it comes to the etiquette of giving, there are certain gifts that are always safe and that you will never go wrong with. These simple but safe gifts will be the ideal choice and trust us, you will not go wrong. Don’t give too expensive gifts, especially if the relationship isn’t close enough to justify something like that: it puts people in an awkward situation, and the relationship itself becomes a bit distorted and less spontaneous. The same is true in the opposite case when some worthless trifle is given away. The general recommendation is to give “symbolic” gifts that show your attention in a simple and direct way, and instead of so-called “useful” gifts, which should be left for occasions such as weddings or moving in, furnishing the house.

When and to whom is it not worshiped?

  1. superiors (director, head of the department, head of the department, and so on)
  2. wealthy persons with whom we enjoy certain privileges; a phone call or thank you message is enough
  3. teachers, unless it is a joint gift of all parents or all children
  4. experts such as doctors, lawyers, who have not issued us an invoice (maybe a letter of thanks or a special gift for Christmas or a similar occasion)
  5. public servants (police, municipal, and state officials) who helped us or did us a favor: after all, neither is adequate, and it is forbidden.

What is never worshiped?

  1. Vouchers, regardless of their value (although gift certificates are a very common cause, this is just one way for a store to make a profit)
  2. items directly related to physical defects or character defects that are well known or obvious to us (eg running shoes for a heart patient).
  3. items that are otherwise inappropriate (wine for someone who is not alcoholic before, erotic books for grandma…)
  4. flowers with a very strong scent for patients in the hospital, even though it was a childbirth
  5. garments if we do not know the number worn by the celebrant or we do not know their taste
  6. food products that spoil easily
  7. “surprises” in the form of animals, without knowing whether the one who gets them can accept those animals at all

As a rule, money is never given away. A monetary contribution can be a reward, honorarium, tip, compensation, but not a gift. The one who donates money actually demonstrates that out of sheer indifference he regrets even the time and effort to choose and buy something. However, like any other, this rule has an exception. You will give the money to someone who needs that money in an accident, so you can help him.

In the closest circle of the family, the money can be given as a gift to younger members, children or students, for good success in school, for a birthday, or to young men when going to the army, which will again be relevant. If it is a celebration of an event, you will put a greeting card with the money you hand in the envelope.

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