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How to choose the wedding dress in a few steps

The time has come! Finally, you begin the search for the bridal shop London and buy the wedding dress of your dreams, that moment with which you have dreamed so many times, but you do not know very well how to act or where to start, you just know that you have to find the perfect model. Therefore, we tell you what the few tips are so that the dress feels like a glove.,Choose it according to your personality,The first thing is to be clear that you should not be disguised, no matter how much you love trends. Maybe it’s not your style and, really important, is that you feel it’s you. The process of choosing the wedding dress is one in which you have more reasons than ever to be yourself and that the decisions must be totally yours. So, remember this before you go to bridal shop London and buy your wedding dress!,Classic: you are a classic bride if you bet on the traditional, for what does not go out of style, simple but elegant and sophisticated. This type of bride will always choose a design with a boat neck or V-neckline accompanied by a veil and jewels such as pearls or diamonds.,Romantic: they are delicate and simple. Romantic brides usually choose tulle or chiffon dresses with romantic embroideries with floral motifs.,Boho: brides who marry on the beach or outdoors bet on a boho dress, to give a hippie style to your look, with light and vaporous fabrics, and accessories such as floral crowns.,Vintage: you are a vintage bride if you love old styles and lace dresses. They look for the most spectacular fabric (even inherited) that gives that vintage look to their look.,Modern: the modern bride wants to give an avant-garde touch to her look, she is bold and committed to asymmetrical cuts in her dress, even for short dresses or large openings.,According to the shape of your body,Triangle body: in this case, what you have to achieve with the dress is to balance by drawing attention to the top of the dress. To do this, decide on a model of line A that is not too tight so that the hips do not stand out.,Round body: choose a dress with a high waist, an empire cut in which the skirt is fluid and falls along the body.,Hourglass body: having a balanced figure, you can opt for any type of dress but, without a doubt, the ones that will best suit you will be the tube or mermaid cut.,Inverted triangle body: the essential thing is to give volume to the hip and subtract it from the shoulders.,According to the chest: if you want to hide some chest, bet on the V-necklines. Although they are not the only ones, the most important thing is that it never be to the box, you can also choose a dress with a round neckline without excessively marking the waist or a design with an abused neckline. And for girls who want to mark the chest, it is best to be a very catchy dress and the less low cut the better.,Short women will look great dressed in white! However, you should avoid dresses with very bulky skirts, they will make you look smaller because of the optical effect of the width-height ratio. Try to choose dresses without horizontal cuts and without excessive flight.,If you have curves or are very thin, bet on the princess cut and fit the waist so that the hips are concealed. In the design body part, choose folds or drapes, perfect for concealing.,If you are pregnant: if you are in the first months of pregnancy, it will not be visible, you will be able to use the same dress that you had thought attending to your body type. Only up to 4 months! From there, the body will change remarkably, so, bet on the empire cut and a fluid fabric, which will be the most comfortable.,You can choose your favourite wedding dress from

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