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This Satin Cap Is The Most Effective Anti-Frizz Product I’ve Ever Used

Over the years, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on products claiming that they could humidity-proof my hair — only to be disappointed with the results. I’d empty a whole bottle in one use and, within 30 minutes of stepping outside, I’d look like a Chia Pet.

I’ve grown to appreciate my thick, curly hair even though it doesn’t always cooperate with my plans but I was desperate to experience a salon-worthy blowout for longer than 2.5 seconds. So, although my wallet suffered, I never gave up hope until I finally found something that worked.

Just when I thought I reached my wit’s end, I found The Slap Cap ($19.99+ on Amazon) by Grace Eleyae — a Black woman-owned brand that makes bedding, hair care accessories, and skincare products.

Model wearing cap while sleeping
Model wearing gray satin lined cap
Grace Eleyae


The Slap is a magical beanie lined with charmeuse satin that I’ve worn everywhere — to bed, lounging around my house, and outside. It kept me warm in the winter but it’s still light and silky enough to wear in the summer. I haven’t experienced hat hair since it was delivered and I was finally able to keep my hair in the same condition while traveling from point a (my house) to point b (literally not even one block away).

This satin-lined cap actually smooths my hair and shields me from my kryptonite (💦) — basically, it delivers on all its promises and also picks up my flat iron’s slack. The two I own both have adjustable strings on the back so I can tighten it when I’m using it for bed or loosen it when I’m wearing it outside.

Pink satin beanie
Inside of pink satin beanie

I love that I can modify the fit in the version I have, but depending on what you’ll be using it for, you can opt for the one without drawstrings. I use it to sleep so I prefer it to be tighter at night and loose in the day — if that’s the case for you then the cap with strings for $29.95 will be perfect for you. But if you’ll only be using it for the cold and humidity, then you can get the original, elastic-band design for $19.99. No matter which version you get, they are all lined with high-quality satin.

Most hats are made from cotton which dries out your hair because it absorbs any natural oils or products that you’ve put on. Plus, it can tug at your strands which will only make it frizzier — which is why this satin option is so great!

If you’re not a fan of the beanie look or looking for something less snug, they have turbans, hair bands, other hat styles, and silk pillowcases so you can give your skin the five-star treatment, too.

After having this cap for two years, I’ve noticed so many other benefits: my hair is shinier, longer, feels healthier, and has less breakage. Even on days where the humidity is higher than the temperature, my hair stays perfectly coiffed 💅🏾.

Me in satin beanie showing hair before/during use
Me after using satin beanie


(Psst, if you’re loving The Slap Cap just as much as I do, you should also check out another small Black-woman owned business called Kin. They sell clothing, accessories, hair styling products, and bedding lined with super soft satin.)

Other reviews are just as impressed with the many ways you can use this cap — specifically, to make protective styles last longer and keep hair from drying out while traveling.

Reviewer wearing cap while traveling

  • Promising review: “I love this cap! It feels soft on the outside and cozy and luxurious inside. It’s a great cap to sleep in or go out. I wore this cap after freshly washing my natural hair and braiding twists and it kept my head warm overnight and remained on my head throughout the night. I wish I could have bought a couple more.” —Bon Bon

Others love that the stylish hat can keep you warm while it works its magic.

Reviewer wearing hat in winter


Promising review: “Not sure why I never got one before. My hair looks pretty much the same as before I put on the cap; even after a sweaty workout! I have washed it and used it as a sleeping cap as well. The elastic in the headband is firm, but not uncomfortable. The hat itself is technically a slouch hat so could also be worn outdoors during the cooler months for warmth or to preserve the hairstyle before arriving to a destination.” —Amri Gray

And others love that you can wear the cap overnight to completely eradicate bed head.

Reviewer wearing pink satin cap


Promising review: “I love love LOVE this cap! I simply cannot wait to order more in every single color! It slides right off my hair without any snagging. I tried sleeping with it recently and my hair was perfect in the morning, I just ran a quick brush over it. This will be my winter cap from now on, NO MORE SNAGGING!”

Whatcha waitin’ for? Grab the The Slap Cap by Grace Eleyae on Amazon: $19.99 for the original version or $29.95 for the cap with adjustable strings.

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