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Your Guide to Airline Uniform Design and Fitting

Do you need help or inspiration designing a new airline uniform or choosing the next corporate look? In this article, you get four useful tips to design, fabrics and fitting,Choosing the right fabrics, design and accessories to an airline uniform can be a huge challenge. The uniform is a great part of the identity of the airline company and therefore, it is important that the design shows the personality of the brand and is recognizable for the customers.,Choose the right corporate uniform design,Uniforms are an extension of your brand and therefore it should be consistent with your corporate DNA and match your values, your industry and brand position as well as your tone of voice and style guidelines.,Therefore, a customized solution is a great choice. Standard solutions cover most uniform needs and design requirements, however choosing a customized solution will make the airline crew stand out and have a unique look.,The next important step in choosing the right design for your airline uniform is deciding on fabrics.,What to remember when choosing fabrics,It is important to remember that the needs of the employees are different and their needs are what matters when it comes to deciding on fabrics. All fabrics have pros and cons and the needs of the employees should therefore decide the result.,The following facts is important for you to consider in the choice of the right fabrics:,• Garments treated with bionic finish are water resistant, can be dry-cleaned repeatedly and last longer,• Fabrics with elastane will improve the fit,• Polyester is very durable,• Cotton fabrics offer good breathability,If you want a sustainable solution, bamboo is a great choice because of the amazing quality and fit.,How to choose accessories,Accessories add a unique, tailored touch to the airline uniform look. Therefore, it is not unimportant which accessories you decide to add, because they create an individual identity and make the employees stand out.,Accessories that goes well with an airline uniform are:,• Hats,• Ties,• Gloves,• Scarves,• Belts,• Shawls,These accessories are all elegant and make the employees recognizable to the customers. It also gives an opportunity to mix colors, patterns, details and different fabrics.,Fitting is one of the most important factors,As well as a unique design matters the fitting is also extremely important. The fitting can either make or break the whole uniform look. If the uniforms do not have the perfect fit it will make the uniforms look unprofessional.,The employees will of course need some very different sizes and styles and the best thing to do is to choose a tailored solution. In this way, you are guaranteed a professional and unique look and the employees will feel comfortable in their uniforms.,Read more about airline uniforms at

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