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These 15 pieces of furniture are made for one thing only: making love

1. A stainless-steel bouncing sex stool that can hold up to 300 pounds. It also has a convenient handrail and sturdy base for balance, because let’s be real, sometimes being on top is a lot of work.

Woman sitting on black stool


  • This stool offers a little stability for you to find your rhythm and do away with all of those (very legitimate) fears of suffocating them during oral or breaking them in reverse cowgirl. This is a judgment-free zone, and so is this stool. But on a more serious note, explore different positions and put a little pep in your play with this convenient stool.

Promising reviews: “My partner is 260 pounds, and it works great, I’d say the 300-pound limit is pretty accurate. Heavier than that and you may not get sufficient resistance from the bands to uhhhhh ‘ride with power assistance.’ Like others have said, figuring out assembly is super easy, but it takes some muscle to snap it together. I could see this thing failing if you tried to use it on the bed due to too much flexing, but on the floor or a solid surface, it works great.” —Maeli and her Mister

“Did not like the difficulty getting on and off, but once on it was extremely comfortable. We used the chair for sex of course.” —William E. Henry Jr.

Get it from Amazon for $65.98.

2. A portable, modernized bondage cross that offers leverage to your favorite BDSM scenes and kink play or makes a very contemporary accent piece when not in use.

Pink bondage cross leaning against wall
Two women posing on black cross leaning on wall
Model in red latex posing with black freestanding cross

BDSM Architecture / Etsy


This cross was designed for portability and should be leaned up against a sturdy wall for its best stability. Don’t worry, there’s a freestanding bondage cross option for those of you who want to get a little more intense or can’t casually set up this cross in your living room.

Promising reviews: “Stunning cross, fits nicely against the wall sturdy as anything. Will be using this shop again!” —Nathan (on portable bondage cross)

“I’m beyond thrilled with this cross! The design is so clever and lovely. I’d had my eye on it for ages! Fast shipping, easy to assemble, and will be relatively simple to transport to events.” —Jools Discordia (on freestanding cross)

Get it from BDSM Architecture on Etsy for $561.24.

BDSM Architecture is based in Lithuania and run by Sally and Edgar, a couple who sells premium handmade sex and BDSM furniture for your dungeon or discreet bondage furniture for your living room.

3. luxury Esse chaise by Liberator that has a contoured design to support your head, neck and back through every and any position. A removable mini-scoop pillow allows you to eliminate the center dip for a flat surface.

Woman lounging on red chaise with headrest and additional middle pillow



If you’re looking for luxury addition to the bedroom, look no further. The Esse chaise offers elegance and functionality with its supportive contoured design, moisture-proof interior lining and machine washable cover in two different fabric finishes. Also included with this chaise is a removable headrest and mini-scoop, which helps add more support where you need it. Besides sex, one reviewer also uses this chaise as a go-to gaming chair.

Promising reviews: “We have a memory foam mattress that is great for sleeping, but little else. The Esse solves that problem and makes for great possibilities with less effort. Thanks Liberator for this well designed lounger.” —Mark K.

“This Esse chaise is perfect! I got mine in Porto Red and its gorgeous. The material is smooth and I love that the covers can be washed if you make a mess. 😉 It’s like a mattress: firm, but it gives you that right amount of comfortability. As a cam girl, my fans love it!” —Jewel A.

Get it from Liberator for $600 (available in two finishes and ten colors).

4. custom-made spanking bench with adjustable height settings for knees and hands, and extra padding for anyone who likes a side of pain with their pleasure.

Wood stool with black faux leather cushions

Fetish Furniture / Etsy

The adjustability of this bench means you can explore positions, experiment with bondage and kit and then conveniently fold it up for storage.

Promising review: “Seriously, this is a fine piece of furniture to use for your fun times. Excellent quality and sturdy. Built to last and rugged enough to take what it’s meant for. The finish and leather work, makes it a beautiful piece to display. Folds up easily if you want to take with you or put away in the closet. Definitely well worth the price. Was shipped very well packaged. No issues at all. Excellent seller and easy shipping. Shipped in estimated time given. Thanks! Will enjoy this for a long time to come.” —GearedKC

Get it from Fetish Furniture on Etsy for $569 (available in three colors).

Fetish Furniture is a handmade BDSM furniture shop based in California and run by a third-generation carpenter who creates handcrafted projects for people that can add a little spice to their relationships and add some additional fun in the bedroom or play space.

5. standing bondage chair equipped with two sets of cuffs and an adjustable headrest, so you can play out your fantasies or try out some things you’ve seen in the “movies”…

Woman lounging on red and black standing bondage chair
Woman in standing bondage chair with legs cuffed and head tilted back from side angle
Woman in standing bondage chair with wrists and ankles cuffed from side angle

Percontator / Etsy


Though assembly is required, this luxury chair is worth it. The chair itself boasts an adjustable height and the headrest tilts for various positions. You also have the option to move the positions of the four cuffs, so you can have a comfortable, customized experience.

Promising review: “This chair is so well built. I’m extremely satisfied with the quality and sturdiness of it. It is well worth the money and the wait. It came in four pieces and my husband and I spent 10 minutes putting it together because it is literally only six bolts to put everything together (allen wrench is included as well). This man put care into his products and I HIGHLY recommend his work.” —cassandrabond5270

Get it from Percontator on Etsy for $600.

Percontator is a small business based in Ukraine that creates absolutely unique and handcrafted BDSM equipment, bizarre bondage devices and kinky humiliation gear of premium quality for your lifestyle.

6. curved chaise lounge, to display as an accent piece when not in use and then later try out all those new positions you’ve read about.

Black curved chaise in bedroom from side angle
Chaise from front angle


This lightweight chaise can hold up to 400 pounds, and its curvy design offers support and leverage as you try to find the right position for your next session, whether alone or with a partner.

Promising review: “Well let me start by saying this chair arrived in perfect time, right in the middle of a little sloppy top. But that didn’t stop us from dragging this heaven-sent chair right upstairs to put it to the test. When I say baby boy touched spots that had never been discovered in this chair, I am not exaggerating. Comfort: top tier. Versatility: top tier. Reaching the top: A1. This chair had me talking to God, I’ll say that. Buy it, just buy it. It will change your life. My Kings and Queens, get this chair and look at the rest of the world like peasants.” —Lynn

Get it from Amazon for $260.99+ (available in six colors).

7. uniquely-made sex swing with a sturdy metal base and comfortable genuine leather seat for you or your partner to sit back, relax… and take a trip to pound town.

Black metal frame and leather harness and model in harness

Provocateur Creations / Etsy


This luxury swing is all about feeling the rhythm with your partner, so it is designed with comfort in mind and a solid metal frame that supports up to 500 pounds and offers limitless positions. This is like a sexy magic carpet, but times a zillion.

Promising review: “Bought the sex swing and what a great investment. Arrived earlier than expected. It was simple to put together and extremely well made. Had it up in my room in minutes, solid frame and obviously very easy to use lol lol tried it out last night and if I could give it more than 5 stars 🌟 I would. I’d recommend buying it to anyone, well worth the price. I’ve seen other swings and they ain’t as well made as this one. Thank you so much.” —Diarmuid

Get it from Provocateur Creations on Etsy for $909.99 (originally $1,299.99).

Provocateur Creations is based in Ireland and specializes in hand-crafting adult products.

8. padded U-shaped seat to keep your tush extra comfortable and it’s fit for a queen, which is to say that it’s meant for two things: rimming and cunnilingus.

Model in latex laying in bottom of stool
Red and black stool with two attached cuff restraints from behind angle

Bad Cat BDSM Furniture / Etsy


This chair is made of solid wood and covered with padded faux leather for a comfortable addition to your BDSM or kink collection. The chair is attached to a base plate, which customers can choose from two settings based on whether it will be used on soft or sturdy surfaces, and there is also an option of additional padding for the headrest on the base, so you can adjust as necessary. Did I mention there is also a metal eye on the back, for you to attach cuff restraints? Well, now you know.

Get it from Bad Cat Furniture on Etsy for $435.27+ (available in big and stable or rounded and sleek with three padding options).

Bad Cat Furniture is based in the Netherlands and promotes hand-crafted, customizable products created by a professional BDSM and fetish furniture builder with a huge kinky and bondage mindset.

9. Liberator flip ramp that can be used as a ramp or converted into an ottoman, so you and your partner can explore and enjoy your (new?) favorite positions.

Woman lounging on red ramp cushion
Illustration of woman sitting on ramp cushion folded to make an ottoman shape
Illustration of couple laying on ramp cushion



It’s a ramp! It’s an ottoman! It’s improving your sex life! This convertible cushion is created with high-density foam for comfortable support and a moisture-resistant lining underneath the removable cover. Flip the furthest side of the ramp on top for a versatile block shape or use the classic ramp shape to help find the right positions for superior stimulation alone or with a partner.

Promising reviews: “The multiple positions and easy use enables easy changes in positioning enhancing our sex life. Used it nearly every night for two weeks and still found different ways to use it!” —Jerry in Vancouver

“Great addition to add some spice. Fabric is soft and soft stuff gets stuck to it easily. Thank goodness the cover comes off so you can wash it.” —jen bardsley

Get it from Amazon $169.99 (available in four colors).

10. curvy, contemporary chaise lounge designed with an openwork steel frame and faux leather material, so you can stay comfortable with (or without) a partner and get off in absolute luxury.

Two models sitting on white and black chaise lounge

BDSM Architecture / Etsy


If Aphrodite was meant to lounge on something, I imagine it would look like this erotic chaise that allows you and a partner to explore different angles and positions along its curves. Not to mention, the length of the chaise offers a lot of room for multiple partners or voyeurs to engage in play.

Get it from BDSM Architecture on Etsy for $2,344.72 (available in 19 colors).

11. luxury hand-crafted bondage sex table with a cage and adjustable restraints for those of you who enjoy a little (or a lot of) kink to satiate your sexual appetite.

Black bondage sex table with cage

Darkmatter69 / Etsy


This hand-crafted wooden table is a perfect addition to any dungeon or BDSM collection. Pictured above is the table with an included cage and top cushions that have 12 adjustable straps for restraining during play. If you don’t need a full table or just want the cage or want to up the ante with a stock option, you can customize your order to include different parts. The best part? You get to choose the cushion and strap colors, as well as the stain of the wood.

Promising reviews: “The quality of this table is great! The cushions are nice and plush for long sessions, and the straps are quite adjustable and accommodate many people. There was some assembly required, but Matt was very helpful in providing instructions and tips on putting it together. Would definitely recommend!” —Matthew

“This table is amazing!!! The padding is quite comfortable and I love that it can have different positions that are perfect for using on my sub. Was pretty easy to assemble with the digital instructions, and I’m not that handy. Overall very pleased with the quality of the item and would definitely buy from Matthew again!” —Carolyn Farrar

Get it from Darkmatter69 on Etsy for $820+ (available for Klarna payments as low as $34/month).

Darkmatter69 is based in California and sells hand-made, budget-friendly dungeon furniture and custom furniture.

12. folding sex chair designed to clamp onto your favorite wand for hands-free pleasure. And when you’re done, fold it up and tuck it away.

Black folding chair with wand vibrator in center hole
Folding chair with pink realistic dildo in center hole


Everyday, a sex toy blows my mind. Today, it’s this one. If you have a dildo, vibrator or wand, why not strap it into a chair and go for a hands-free pleasure ride? If BDSM is more your jam, tease and torment a partner with your favorite remote-controlled toy or even incorporate this chair into your next strip tease. The possibilities = endless.

Promising reviews: “Best good girl chair I’ve seen. Easy to clean and fits all wands. I’ve even used the center hole for sex machines. It’s great. Highly recommend.” —Logan Friedrich

“I am blown away by how perfect this is!!! Very sturdy chair, with a strong clamp to hold wand. Well worth every penny!!!” —H

Get it from Amazon for $249.99.

13. A very classy and discreet bench by Liberator for sex enthusiasts who want to try out new positions without having to explain to houseguests (or children) why they have a chaise in the bedroom.

Couple positioned on blue faux leather bench in bedroom



Specially designed to fit queen-size beds, this faux leather bench combines timeless style with a lot of sex appeal. This bench provides leverage along with full-body support for some of your favorite positions and includes 12 hidden clips for restraints, in case you’re into that kind of kink.

Promising review: “We have loved using this new addition to our bedroom. We had an ottoman that worked well to straddle but had to get rid of it due to its ugliness. We hoped this would fill the void as well as add some additional spice and options. It was very easy to set up, supports our weight well (I weigh 220, very supportive) and the buckles have held well for…emotional movements. One addition we made was getting grippy furniture pads for the feet so it wouldn’t move on our hardwood floor. Overall very happy with this purchase and recommend.” —Brandon T.

Get it from Liberator for $750 (available in eight colors).

14. scorpion-shaped sex chair designed with a faux leather seat, eight supportive steel legs and sixteen rings lining the seat, so you can restrain your lover in various positions with your favorite cuffs, rope or silk restraints.

Red and black chaise lounge with stirrups shaped like a scorpion

BDSM Architecture / Etsy


All the Scorpio readers just got a little hot and bothered, and I get it. This chair is spicy.

Promising review: “Very high quality product, original and with good finishes. It’s perfect for my dungeon. The product took a little longer to come, but there was very good communication with the seller, who knew how to solve the problems. I recommend it.” —Igor

Get it from BDSM Architecture on Etsy for $1,446.74.

15. The Black Label Esse II bondage chaise by Liberator that comes equipped with 12 reinforced chains hidden beneath the base, so you can pull out your favorite cuffs, ties or silk restraints and get to ~lounging~.

Purple faux leather bench with black restraints
Model lounging on chaise



While this chaise has the same faux leather exterior, contoured design and included Mini-Scoop and headrest as the original Esse listed above, this one is designed for the lovers who like to have a little more kink involved in their play. The 12 hidden chain reinforcements are compatible with various restraints, or you can add a cuff kit to your purchase and get freaky as soon as it arrives. *Rihanna’s “S&M” plays faintly in the background.”

Promising review: “This is the best investment you can make that will change your sex life. We stayed at Sybaris pool suites and they had a chaise of some kind as well. I said to myself ‘shut up and take my money!’ So, I went on to find one and came across Liberator online. Even though it’s a bit pricey, you can wait for holiday deals or promos to bring down the cost at the end of the day you’ll be thankful that you bought one. Sure it’s a chair that might raise eyebrows if anyone questions it in your house but who cares! We don’t use the bed anymore!!! 🙂 ” —Joel K.

Get it from Liberator for $975+ (available in two fabrics and nine colors).

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