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9 Of The Best Electric Lawn Mowers Under $500 That Get The Job Done

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A super-simple and affordable, 14-inch, 13-amp, corded Sun Joe Pro electric lawn mower with a 10-gallon bag and discharge chute to make sure all those clippings get neatly collected for the mulch bin.

Split image of reviewer's photos of light and dark green mower cutting through grass


Three cutting height positions; manufacturer’s warranty can be requested from customer service.

Promising review: “Honestly, very surprised that such an affordable lawn mower could accomplish so much. First time we’ve had an electric lawn mower, so it was pretty interesting. Gotta say, very convenient to not have to have a can of gas every time you need to do the lawn. We needed a 100-foot cord to do our yard, which is pretty small. You have to be careful to move it out of the way so you don’t run it over, though, which I feel could be very easily done if you aren’t mindful. Felt more like we were vacuuming the lawn, to be honest. I admit, we let our lawn go for a while, with weeks straight of rain, and it was very high and even had some small trees growing in it. Yet this small guy powered right through them with ease. Easy to store, too, as it’s light and pretty compact, compared to others.” —maisie 

Get it from Amazon for $128.62.

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2. A 14-inch Worx electric lawn mower with an onboard battery charge-level indicator so you’ll always know how much juice is left and if you need a recharge before finishing the backyard.

Model mowing lawn with black lawn mower with orange accents
Black lawnmower folded up on shevles

Six cutting height positions; 60-minute runtime on two fully charged 20-volt batteries (40-volt total); foldable handle for storage.

Promising review: “This was very easy to put together. It is extremely lightweight and very easy to use. The batteries take about four hours to fully charge, and depending on how hard the mower needs to work will depend on the battery life usage you can get off one charge. I have a smaller yard, about .25 acres, and I cut it all in about 35 minutes with two bars left of the six total on the battery charge. If you use the mulch attachment in higher grass the mower will cut off, but all you need to do is adjust the height of the blades. If you do use the mulcher, the grass clippings won’t go into the catchment attachment, at least not in my case. All-in-all, this is a very good little machine for smaller yards.” —TigerGirl07

Get it from Amazon for $232.47.

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3. A fairly quiet 16-inch Greenworks lawn electric mower with a push-button starter, because your days of throwing out your shoulder trying to start up a gas mower are over and done with.

A reviewer's photo of the bright green and black lawn mower

Bonus: The included battery can power over 60+ other Greenworks tools!

Five cutting height positions, 45-minute runtime on one fully charged 40-volt battery; 120 minute charge time; foldable handle for storage; three-year tool and battery warranty.

Promising review: “This mower was as quiet as a Prius and powerful to cut through a foot of grass. Many reviews complained about the battery life but this wasn’t the case for me. I read in the manual that Greenworks sends the battery to you at only 35–50% charged so I charged it for an hour and it was ready to go. Since my lawn was so thick, I had to set it to the highest setting (which was very easy to adjust with the lever) for the first pass. After that, I lowered it to the 4th setting on the height adjuster and mower again with no battery issues. I have a 2,100 sq ft lawn and had absolutely no issues with the battery; as it had half its life left after 45 minutes of mowing. This is a great lawnmower and very easy to maneuver due to the unit being so lite. If you’re looking for an electric cordless mower, Greenworks is for you.” —Randy Jr

Get it from Amazon for $299.99.

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4. A lightweight, 16-inch, corded LawnMaster electric lawn mower that’s more “plug and play” than “plug and work” making mowing much less of a chore and maybe an actual excuse to get outdoors.

Orange and black lawnmower

Six cutting height positions; foldable handle for storage.

Promising review: “I have a small patch of a front yard that about 20′ x 4′ which, on average, takes me two hours to cut and trim. For a few years, I had a gas push mower. It was heavy and needed to be serviced often. Then I used only a weed-eater which throws the grass everywhere. I saw this and it looked like exactly what I needed. When it arrived, it was the heat of the day but it was going to rain for a few days, starting later that day. I took the mower out of the box, put it together, and had the grass mowed within an hour, and I assembled it on my front porch which is 10 steps up. Was a breeze to use and it did a great job, very grateful for my purchase.” —Joann Jones

Get it from Amazon for $133.99.

5. A 19-inch cordless Snapper electric push lawn mower with “load-sensing technology” so the power adjusts to the needs of the cutting blades. That means it’ll know if you let the grass grow too long and need a little extra juice to chop it down!

Model pushing red and black lawn mower
Mower with black batteries and charger

Seven cutting height positions; 90-minute runtime on two fully charged 82-volt batteries; compact vertical storage capability allows you to store your mower in tighter spaces; manufacturer’s warranty can be requested from customer service.

Promising review: “This mower is perfect for our yard. We have an average yard for a Dallas, Texas suburb home (smallish), and I can usually finish the front and back yards with two batteries. If the grass is a little damp, I may use three (bought extra when I ordered). The mower is sleek looking, has a nice weight and feel. Assembly was incredibly easy with the exception of searching for the bolts and nuts to attach the handle (inside the battery compartment). The mower is much quieter than a gas mower, starts every time, and will increase RPMs when you are in heavier grass. Well made and cleans up easily after mowing. The batteries charge within 40 minutes or less and provide some serious power.” —JimM

Get it from Amazon for $399.99.

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6. A 20-inch Hart electric push mower that’s not only all heart but plenty of muscle too! Its “brushless technology” provides consistent power which ensures the motor will last for many mowing seasons to come!

Model pushing white lawnmower with black wheels and blue accents
Side by side image of mower folded up for storage and  the underside of the mower


It has a 40-minute runtime on a fully charged 40-volt battery; telescoping and folding handles for easy storage; limited five-year warranty.

Promising review: “This is my first mower ever bought for my new home. I grew up using traditional gas-powered models like many of us but I took a chance on this battery-powered HART. Used it for the first time and LOVED IT. Light, sturdy, and the battery lasted quite a bit longer than expected. Of course, you shouldn’t rough handle a tough plastic body but it performed AMAZINGLY. The mulch option works great too for chewing up leaves and such for bagging. HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TRY ONE!” —Victor

Get it from Walmart for $248 (originally $287; also available in 13-inch, 16-inch, and 21-inch models).

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7. A powerful 20-inch Skil electric push lawn mower to show off all of your groundskeeping skills — no matter the size of your green, your neighbors are sure to take note. We’re talking true curb appeal here!

Red and black mower with white Skil branding
Red and black mower folded up

Seven cutting height positions; charges 0–30% in 30 minutes; telescoping handle folds down completely for vertical storage; five-year limited warranty.

Promising review: “This mower is an absolute beast…I mow a pretty good size yard and there’s still around 50% of the battery charge left over every time I’m done. I’ve even mowed through some tall and thick stuff to test the mower’s capabilities and am blown away by what all it will handle. Very lightweight and folds up nicely for storage. Bagger works great! Quiet, no drama operation. I don’t write reviews often, but this is a really good buy for the money.” —Jord

Get it from Lowe’s or Amazon for $299.

8. A 21-inch Ego Power push electric lawn mower with bright LED headlights and weather-resistant construction so mowing in the rain or the night (sometimes that grass just needs to get cut) is now an option.

Light gray and black lawnmower with green accents


Six cutting height positions; 45-minute runtime on a fully charged 56-volt battery; folds compactly for vertical storage; five-year limited warranty.

Note: Battery and charger are included in this model but not all others from the Ego brand.

Promising review: “Could not be happier with this purchase. I spent weeks reviewing all kinds of mowers and finally decided on this cheaper model for $399 and I’m glad I did. It’s so easy to push, cuts amazingly. The only thing not great is the suction you get into the bag. But that is easily fixed by buying the high lift blade for 25 bucks. Well worth it! I was worried about the battery lasting since I have a third of an acre of property to cut. I was able to get 90% of it cut before the low battery light came on. That was about one hour of battery. Charged it fully in only 40 minutes. Would never go back to gas again. There’s nothing this mower can’t do that a gas one can.” —Kyle

Get it from Lowe’s or Amazon for $399.99.

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9. A bright blue 21-inch Kobalt self-propelled electric lawn mower with rear-wheel drive to give you that little extra push you need while auto-sensing technology adjusts motor performance for greater power and runtime based on the conditions of your lawn.

Blue lawn mower with black accents
Blue lawn mower folded up as seen from top, side, and three-quarter angle


Seven cutting height positions, 80 minutes runtime on one fully charged 80-volt battery; folds compactly for vertical storage; five-year limited tool warranty.

Note: Battery and charger sold separately.

Promising review: “I have been on the fence about purchasing an electric mower, but after buying four self-propelled gas mowers in my adult life, and having each one lose the self propel function after just one or two seasons, I couldn’t take another scorching summer in the south, pushing a heavy gas mower. After suffering through most of the season, I broke down and purchased the Kobalt 80V brushless 21″ mower and I am not disappointed! Sure, I’ve only just mowed once, but it OWNED my front yard in under 20 minutes and still has 75% or greater battery life left. My one comment so far is, do not be fooled by the turtle pace…I don’t know what kind of speed demon turtles live where Kobalt is made, but clearly, they aren’t like any I’ve encountered in my lifetime! I haven’t bumped it to the fast pace rabbit for fear it will fly out of my hands!” —Crams

Get it from Lowe’s for $319 (originally $399).

Things you’ll never hear from your neighbors ever again after firing up your brand-new electric lawn mower…



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