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Tips before buying reclining sofa

What is a recliner sofa?,As the name suggests, a reclining sofa has the capability to lean the backrest down at a lower angle while bringing your footrest upward. With the movement of a switch, you can change your position from sitting to lying without actually having to get up.,However, there are three types of reclining mechanisms available:,Manual Reclining Sofa,A manual reclining sofa allows you to shift the seat position with the help of a lever or shaft. You pull the lever downwards or upwards to adjust your back or footrest. This mechanism is not as smooth and requires relatively more physical exertion.,Powered Reclining Sofa,A powered recliner allows you to shift the position of your seat using a power button. You just press the button with your fingers and the backrest and footrest start shifting like butter. The transition is quite smooth, however, a powered recliner needs an electric connection to function.,Adjustable Recliner Sofa,An adjustable recliner might seem like a regular futon sofa. It adds the functionality of manually adjusting the backrest hinged somewhere between the seat and back. You can tilt the back with levers however, most of the options do not come with footrests. These kinds of recliners are reasonably priced with minimum functionality.,What is a dual reclining sofa?,Having learned about the working mechanisms offered by different types of recliners, we still have this ambiguity in mind that what does a “dual recliner sofa” refers to?,Well, don’t fuss much about it. A dual reclining sofa refers to a powered reclining mechanism that allows the backrest as well as the footrest to shift angles. The word dual implies two functions i.e. headrest recline and footrest recline.,This is the most sought after and functional option available in the market. Add in the cup holding feature and voila! You have got the best dual reclining sofa with cup holders to satiate your comfort needs.,Check: Best Sofas on a Budget,What to look for in a reclining sofa?,Now that we know what type of reclining sofa to look for, we need to search on the different aspects of a perfect reclining sofa.,Size:,By size, we mean the size of the sofa as well as the available space. You need to observe how many people are going to be sitting on the recliner in a living room. You need to measure the available space as well as the required number of seats. After examining your available space, you need to be clear on the size of the recliner offered by the seller.,Check: Small Apartment Sectional Sofa,Work mechanism or ergonomics:,As discussed before, we need to be sure about the working mechanism of the recliner. Whether it is powered, manual or adjustable. A recliner without comfort is pointless so be sure regarding the ergonomics of design as well. A round head cushion provides better neck support while watching TV. Round side armrests provide better cushioning. Spring suspension inner frame provides a durable surface to sit on.,Check: Sleeper Sofa Under 300,Reclining position:,Recliners come with varying recline ability. Some offer a stationary seat with moving back and footrest. Others come with the ability to even tilt the complete chair at 180 degrees to lie down just like a floating bed. A few adjustable recliners come with only movable backrest and no footrest available.,Construction Material:,The upper upholstered layer is mostly responsible for providing a comfortable and smooth surface. Leather is the most popular choice for recliners since it provides a clean and smooth surface that gives the notion of strong material. A piece of jute or polyester is a cheaper option but it would not be that comfortable due to less plush and cushioning available.,Wood is probably the weakest material to be used in recliners due to its sturdiness and lee mobility. Most of the comfiest options come in metallic frames.,Additional Features:,Modern recliners come with a variety of additional features. Along with head and footrest, they come with reading lights, USB ports, cup holders, plugs and whatnot.,She has a background in interior design and home decoration, Her expertise is related to the sofa sets to make the best out of the least. Moreover, She is good to express her experience and knowledge through words.

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