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20 Pieces Of Jewellery Under $50 At Amazon

1. custom name necklace to help you live out your Carrie Bradshaw fantasies. And just like that… you’re chic!

A reviewer holding the necklace with the name Joy Lanae
A reviewer showing their necklace that reads "maida"



Promising review: “Very good quality! The necklace is lightweight but cheap—best of both worlds. My skin is usually sensitive to jewelry but I have had no issues with this necklace. The gold color is nice and shiny, very eye catching. Font 4 is a good dupe for the Carrie necklace from Sex and the City which is what I was looking for. I like how you can preview the different fonts before purchase to give you a decent idea of what the necklace will look like.” —J. Bitts

Price: $15.99

2. tiny gold initial heart necklace that’s a more delicate take on the name necklaces that are so adorably trendy these days!

A reviewer wearing the necklace with the initial M
A reviewer holding the necklace in its packaging



Promising review: “Omg such a good gift for the money. It shows up in a hot link small box. The presentation is special and I wear my daughters all the time because it’s so sweet, dainty, and looks wayyyyy more special and expensive than I thought when I first purchased. Perfect sweet special little gift. Everyone will think you spent more.” —Cass

Price: $14.89

3. An astrological statement ring perfect for those who want to let the people around them know they’re into ~astrology~ without giving *anything* about their own chart away. Mysterious… must be a Scorpio.

The astrological ring in gold
A reviewer wearing the ring in black



Promising review: “Band is thick and has a nice weight to it. Good texture and detail. Looks more expensive than it is. This is a really quality ring and I would buy it again.” —Liesl

Price: $12.99+ (available in sizes 5—12)

4. classic tennis bracelet to tie literally *any* outfit together AND let people know that you’re totally the ~tennis bracelet type~ without the hefty price tag that’s typically involved.

A reviewer wearing the bracelet up close
A reviewer wearing the bracelet in silver



Promising review: “This is a super cute bracelet. Amazing craftsmanship and looks way more expensive than I was expecting! This is great value for the money and would be a perfect inexpensive gift that looks like you paid a pretty penny!” —Jessika

Price: $14.95 (available in sizes 6.5-7.5 and in three colors)

5. Kendra Scott pendant that looks like it belongs around the neck of a ~mystical fairy princess~ but could just as easily be worn to go run errands, because, you know, fairy princesses need groceries too…

A reviewer showing the necklace
A model wearing the necklace

amazon.com, Amazon


Promising review: “I was shocked at the price of the necklace for what you get! I would have assumed it to be much more expensive. My husband gifted it to me for Valentine’s Day and it’s my new everyday necklace, It can go with everything from a night out to your yoga pants!” —Taylor

Price: $60 (available in 28 colors)

6. An essential oil diffuser bracelet to help you look great and smell even better! This locket style bracelet comes with eight refill pads so you can choose a scent to suit you for every day of the week.

A reviewer wearing the bracelet with the rose gold band



Promising review: “Love! Bought one for myself and two for friends and they love them too! GREAT inexpensive gift that looks expensive! Great for people into essential oils!” —Amazon Customer

Price: $13.59+ (available in two colors)

7. A pair of sterling silver vertical bar earrings perfect for your valiant return to the bar scene when the time comes.

A reviewer holding the earrings in the box
A reviewer wearing the earrings



Promising review: “Bought them as a gift and they didn’t disappoint. Very classy, presentable, and look more expensive than they are.” —T. Smith

Price: $19

8. heart link bracelet that’ll have you falling in love every time you glance down to see its delightfully delicate presence on your wrist.

A reviewer showing themselves wearing the bracelet



Promising review: “This bracelet is just gorgeous. Very delicate and looks expensive, yet it’s a great value.” —Amazon Customer

Price: $19

9. Victorian style moonstone ring reminiscent of extravagant ballgowns and chivalrous strangers. Though it can’t teleport you back in time, this ring brings a sliver of that ~main character in a historical fiction novel~ energy into your everyday life.

A reviewer wearing the ring on their pinky
A reviewer holding the ring



Promising review: “I really love this ring. It is simple, yet beautiful. The fit is perfect and it feels and looks way more expensive than the money I payed for it.” —Ashley

Price: $15.99 (available in sizes 3.5-12)

10. Swarovski crystal accented gold watch so when you’re fashionably late it’s by choice, and not for lack of an elegant timepiece.

A reviewer wearing the watch
A reviewer wearing the watch shut to show the design



Promising review: “I bought this for my girlfriend and I haven’t had much experience with buying jewelry. Luckily it was great success. Everyone loved it (most importantly her), people thought it was way more expensive than it was, and I had someone ask if it was around $300.” —Chestraj

Price: $43.99

11. pair of infinity hoop earrings that put an eye-catching twist on one of the quintessential staples of your jewelry box.

the gold earrings
A reviewer wearing the earrings

Amazon, amazon.com


Promising review: “This earrings are so light that you forget you are wearing them. They are original in design and very pretty. I’ve been complimented on the pair I have, several times. The look is expensive. The actual cost is very reasonable.” —Katherine

Price: $12.95

12. sterling silver ring set with Swarovski zirconia eye-catching enough to stand alone on your finger, but versatile enough to blend with the other rings you wear every day.

A reviewer holding the ring up close
A reviewer wearing the ring with their hand in a book



Promising review: “This is a really gorgeous little ring! The stones are convincing in size and fire, throw color like genuine diamonds. These are set well, and I am very hard on this ring; I have worn it daily for three months, haven’t lost a stone or had this ring discolor my skin or itself. One of the best buys on Amazon; I wear it as a day to day wedding band, and it looks authentic and expensive. Absolutely love it!” —Donna

Price: $24+ (available in sizes 5-9 and in three colors)

13. sterling silver 5-mm chain that just feels essential to your jewelry collection. With or without an added pendant or charm, this piece is an absolute gem of a basic to add to your box.

A reviewer wearing the chain with a crystal pendant attached
A reviewer wearing the chain



Promising review: “Great looking chain that looks expensive. l was worried that the low price would get me low quality but l was VERY wrong, it’s awesome chain!” —Andrew

Price: $23.90+ (available in seven sizes)

14. white gold plated matching jewelry set for when you’d like to look ~extravagantly bejeweled~ on a less-than-extravagant budget.

A reviewer showing the necklace and earring set



The set comes with a necklace and earrings, with the option of adding a matching bracelet!

Promising review: “Absolutely beautiful and worth every penny. The pictures do not do it justice. It is sturdy and beautiful. Looks way more expensive than what we paid for it. I can’t wait to wear it on my wedding day.” —DeeAna

Price: $29.99+ (available in two sets and in three colors)

15. An infinity birthstone necklace that puts a unique and personal twist on the classic heart pendant whilst still remaining ~classically stunning~ for any occasion.

The necklace pendant in green
A reviewer wearing the necklace in blue

Amazon, amazon.com


Promising review: “My sister owns a green emerald ring from Swarovski and I wanted to find her a necklace that matched the color of her $100+ ring. I bought the green emerald heart pendant necklace from Leafael for $40 and I was stunned at the quality of both the necklace and the white box padding it came from. The padding was plush and velvet on the inside. And as for the necklace, it looked 100% identical to quality of the emerald stone of my sister’s more expensive Swarovski ring.” —Katie

Price: $39.99 (available in 17 colors)

16. Kate Spade gold bangle which makes a shiny statement alone on your wrist but will also play nicely with the other gold accent pieces in your collection.

A reviewer wearing the bangles



Promising review: “I was impressed by the quality of finish at this low of price. I could not be happier about this purchase and highly recommend to anyone looking to make a big splash for a lower price point.” —Andrew

Price: $38

17. simulated diamond crisscross ring that adds the cool illusion of ring stacking in one simply gorgeous piece.

A reviewer holding the ring
A reviewer wearing the ring on their index finger



Promising review: “Honestly cannot believe how cute this ring is for the money. I can stack it right alongside expensive designer rings and it fits right in.” —JJ

Price: $12.95

18. statement ring for when you feel the need to channel Diana’s power throughout your day — or simply want to feel like royalty.

A reviewer wearing the ring
A reviewer wearing the ring



Promising review: “I LOVE this ring. I was skeptical about purchasing at first, fearing it would look cheap or like a gumball machine ring. This is not the case. It is beautiful and sparkles like a more expensive piece of jewelry!!!” —Amazon Customer

Price: $16.99 (available in sizes 4—2)

19. A pair of freshwater cultured pearl drop earrings to help you feel like a magical sea siren, but these are still understated enough in their beauty to be worn on the daily if you please.

A reviewer wearing the earring
A reviewer wearing the earring along with an ear full of other earrings


Promising review: “Love these earrings. They are lightweight but made very well. They aren’t flimsy. The look more expensive then they are and are classy.” —Nonna

Price: $50

20. platinum-plated sterling silver Swarovski zirconia round-cut necklace that looks and feels like a precious family heirloom without any of the pressure of wearing a prized and irreplaceable piece of jewelry around your neck for a casual night out.

A reviewer wearing the pendant in white
A reviewer holding the necklace



Promising review: “I will have to say for what you pay for this you well get your money’s worth. It looks beautiful and sparkles. Well since then I have had to buy seven more for other family members because they have loved it so much. They were given out as Christmas and birthday presents and they all loved them and everyone said the same thing that it looked a lot more expensive than it is.” —Joe

Price: $30 (available in two colors)

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