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Tips On How To Sell A Motorcycle

Whether you have bought a new bike, the wife says it has to go or you’ve just outgrown it – it’s time to get your motorcycle out of the garage and sell it to someone who will enjoy its splendor once again. You can make a fair bit of money selling your old motorcycle,Now that you’ve made the big decision to let it go, you want to make sure you can make the very best deal you can. The following points will guide you through the process of selling your bike as easily as possible:,Clean and polish your motorbike.,Who wants to consider buying a dirty unkempt motorbike? A good spit shine will take years of an old motorcycle.,Fix any cosmetic wear and tear.,Buyers are more apt to pay your asking price if they think the bike is well maintained. {Besides first impressions count and if a buyer sees a small scratch or dent they think that other things are wrong with your bike Do not underestimate first impressions as a dent or scratch will often send warning alarms to buyers who will then go on to think that there is more serious damage}.,Give it a tune-up.,Remember how you felt the first time you ever turned the ignition? You want potential buyers to experience the same! Make sure it is well tuned and ready to ride.,Gather up your old receipts.,Whether it was for a repair, general maintenance or to add a little something extra to your motorcycle, be prepared to show prospective buyers what’s been done to your motorbike – and when. It will highlight that you have taken the time to look after your bike in the past and will show what general shape it’s in.,Be Truthful.,Nearly every used motorcycle will have some performance quirk. Be honest about performance issues or maintenance problems as the buyer will likely want to see the motorcycle in person,Know your blue book value.,You may think that your motorbike is worth ten times what the market can bear, but if you don’t price your motorcycle to sell, it never will.,Have the title ready to transfer.,Naturally, you want to be able to transfer the title of the bike to the buyer if they decide to buy it on the spot or at a later date.,You do not have to give a test drive.,After all, if dealers aren’t wiling to take the risk, why should you be? However, a test drive might seal the deal as it were and result in a sale you might not get otherwise.,Transport,Unfortunately not all buyers can drive away from your garage; this could be down to timing or most likely, distance. If this is the case then you will need to organise motorbike delivery. You’ll need to factor in these additional costs into the final price, especially if it involves organising a courier service to ship to another country like Germany (motorradtransporte).,Selling your motorcycle will ultimately be an emotional event, don’t make it any harder than you have to. These basic steps will go a long way to helping you make the sale and earn you a bit of money, whether you put that towards a new motorcycle is up to you.,Anthony Headingly is an independent writer for a number of websites, he writes custom articles on subjects on the subjects of e-commerce, vehicles and purchasing logistics.

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