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The Fashion Trend That You Are Going To Wear This New Season

See-through are the keywords to describe the biggest spring fashion trend this year! Don’t be surprised if you start seeing PVC accessories and fashion pieces on the streets and in boutique windows.,This season, we’re going to relive the PVC trend that revolutionized the 60s by the hand of the designer Andre Courreges who in 1965 launched a collection with a futuristic vision – the look for the new millennium.,Thanks to Chanel, Balmain, and Valentino spring 2018 runways, PVC pieces are back and cooler than ever. You might feel like you’re wearing a raincoat even if it’s a sunny day, or you might not. The secret to rocking this trend like a movie star is on the quality of the piece and the way you wear it. You must be really careful because you don’t want to look like a wannabe Spice Girl.,How do you wear PVC this season? If you’re planning to wear a jacket or a pair of boots, keep in mind weather conditions. No, I’m not crazy! Remember PVC is plastic and if it’s 80 degrees outside you’ll most likely sweat, and believe me, sweaty feet in plastic boots are never fashionable.,Do not wear more than one PVC piece per look. Try wearing an accessory or a clothing piece like a cape. Less is more, mix your pieces with denim. PVC and denim are a perfect combo just like wine and cheese.,Play with colors, especially if you are wearing clear PVC pieces. Wear a contrast color piece underneath to make it fun and chic. When wearing a PVC purse, add some color inside using different sizes of cosmetics bags.,My final tips for being stylish in PVC is…,Shop according to your style, if you are more conservative but still want to rock the PVC trend, shop a clever piece like a Chanel purse, a black skirt, or a cool raincoat. For fashionistas who like to take risks, I recommend adding red PVC fitted pants to your closet.

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