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Myths about compression socks

Whenever you talk about compression socks, the first thing that comes to mind to the majority of people is old age. Many also associate compression socks with people who have medical condition and are part of a treatment to prevent blood circulation problems. These may be true, however compression socks are hardly only worn by elderly and are neither used only for medical purposes. Today’s compression socks are not the old and ugly version of the last century version, but rather have become quite colorful and are styled with fun patterns and designs. These designs and patterns paired together allow for everyday use of active lifestyles of any age. We will talk about several myths (and there are many out there) of compression socks that you might have heard. Just like other types of socks, compression socks have their place in almost every situation.,Myth #1 – Compression socks are only for the old of age.,This is the most common and believed myth out there. It might have been true 50 years ago but things have changed quite a bit since then. Compression socks are used to provide oxygen-rich blood to your legs by increasing the pressure to blood vessels. The pressure increases flow of blood through your veins and your heart are keeping the circulation the way it should be. Yes, this is a common issue with the elderly with poor circulation but by no means this does not mean others can’t benefit from these types of socks. For example, compression socks can be beneficial to pregnant women by reducing blood clotting, people who work for long hours on their feet, and the most common are athletes. The increase in oxygen to the muscles is one of the most important aspects to athletes so compression socks are definitely beneficial.,Myth #2 – Compression socks lower the circulation,The general idea people have for compression socks is that they can be harmful. Well this is not true. If you feel pain when wearing them or you feel like they cut off your circulation, chances are you just don’t have the right size or are not wearing them properly. In this case they could be harmful if you neglect the size and length specific to your legs. Today, companies make them to fit different calves in terms of size and length. The main thing you should avoid is to roll them or fold them when they are on your leg. They must be put to fit the entirety of your leg whether below or above the knee.,If they are worn correctly however, they have the opposite effect. If you are on a long flight or road trip, they can provide better circulation to your legs since you spend a lot of time in one place. Compression socks can be also beneficial after recovering from a leg surgery to avoid any blood clots.,Myth #3 – Compression socks look ugly,With the vast amount of manufacturers out there, the statement that they are ugly is absolutely incorrect. You can find any styles from sports to casual, or compression socks for business dress. Even if you don’t travel a lot or have medical condition associated with your legs, you can find them perfect match for your style for any types of occasions. Compression socks offer designs with few or as many colors as you would like.,Are compression socks right for you?,No matter the age or condition compression socks can be worn by anyone. You can take away several things from this article.,• Compression socks are proven to improve blood circulation in the legs,• They are perfect for long flights or road trips,• They can prevent leg pain when are worn during long hour working shifts,• There are many styles that can fit all types of personalities,• Compression socks are perfect for all occasions,Peter is content creator that has been working with The Sock Butler for over a year.,We’re extremely proud to be a SockShop company, one of the biggest names in online retail in the UK, that has done very little else but live and breathe socks since 1983!

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