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Sell Your Car Online With A Great Ad

You are selling your car. You, like millions of others, are turning to various online avenues to market your vehicle. There are many different sites that can do this for you , whether it’s eBay motors, Gumtree or Autotrader. It doesn’t matter what site you use, the same rules apply when it comes to advertising your car and this guide will take you through them.,Take Appealing Photographs,With an online vehicle advertisement, think of the main vehicle photo as the ‘first impression’. Remember, you only have one shot! Most websites have the functionality of allowing you to upload multiple photos. This means you can indulge your creative side and take shots from various angles. Here are a few tips for taking photos of your car,Writing a Great Advertisement,Yes, a picture can say a thousand words, but great writing and selling copy can really help. A few enticing ‘call to action’ statements like ‘priced to sell’ or ‘call now, before it’s too late’ can all work wonders. Here are some tips for how to write the best selling copy for your vehicle:,Always keep in contact,This may seem like a total no-brainer, but so often people use an email address that they never check or a mobile phone number where the phone is always off. How can you sell your car if people can’t get in touch with you? Make sure to list personal information where you can be reached immediately. If you are unable to respond immediately, state this early on and when you do get a chance, respond asap. Buyers are always on the hunt for a good deal. If your car meets their specifications and you are unreachable, they may move on to the next car and you will have lost a customer!,Practice the above tips when you are selling your vehicle and you will have the greatest chance of it selling.,Once you have the sale lined up make sure you organise the vehicle transportation (trasporto auto or transporte de coches as the Italians and Spanish would say) if the buyer is not picking it up personally.,Anthony Headingly writes quality automotive and online business articles. Whether advice on
car transport to France or online
car collection his articles aim to point you in the right direction,

  • Wash the automobile thoroughly before you take the photographs. You don’t want the coffee stains around your cup holder to be highlighted!
  • Take pictures from various angles. You may want a straight on shot, some angled shots, a rear shot, and pictures of the interior. A sweet engine shot can often seal the deal. You may actually want to get an engine shampoo before you take that picture.
  • Take pictures that highlight the vehicles’ trim package or modifications. If you put in a two thousand dollar aftermarket exhaust system and are selling that with the vehicle, take a picture of it. This builds value and will help you to attain your asking price. Your photographs should highlight any special features that the car might have.
  • Make sure you have well lit photographs. Pictures of your car at night, or covered in snow, leaves or mud will only cause buyers to think you have something to hide. If there is light source directly behind your car, the photo will often come out distorted and blurry – making it look like you are really hiding something.
  • Make sure the background is subtle. You do not want a busy background of a travelling circus to steal the focus from your lovely vehicle.


  • Always list the basic features of the vehicle. Some car details are essential and should always be included even if it is a detriment to the value, such as year, model, make, price and mileage. You may also want to mention if you are the original owner, and may want to list some details on the history and condition of the vehicle.
  • Avoid jargon and rely on simple words. Do not attempt to go into too great of detail when you are describing the vehicle – you may come across as desperate to sell, meaning people will try to drive down the price. The written description should come across as convincing – not pleading.
  • BE HONEST! It is not uncommon for buyers to travel long distances to see the vehicle they want to buy in person. Always avoid misrepresenting both yourself and the car you are selling. No one buys a car without seeing it, so there’s no sense in exaggerating its condition. Honesty will pay and you will be rewarded with a fair price from your potential buyers.
  • Give your car a fair price. Don’t over price your car – there are simply too many resources these days for you to be able to squeeze a lot more out of it than it is actually worth. If you are desperate to sell, don’t mention that in the ad. Price will nearly always be the main attraction and a competitively priced vehicle will get snapped up quickly. Just don’t price it too low – it may appear as though it is a scam.
  • Describe its reliability. Is your car faithful and reliable? Well if it is, shout it to anyone you will listen. Let buyers know if the car has passed a safety or emissions test recently. Reliability, especially with used cars, is what people are often looking for most.
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